About Us

Located four blocks from the malecón, here you will have the best view of the bay in all of puerto Vallarta. The chef/owner, William Carballo, sees to it that every guest in his restaurant is happy, offering generously served dishes with fresh, high quality ingredients at reasonable prices. It is recommended to order for the entire table and share dishes family style. With two or three tapas per person, you can enjoy an authentic culinary adventure. They are always updating the menu and offer daily specials. Also enjoy delicious salads and scrumptious desserts such as the chocolate profilerols and homemade ice cream.

The chef/owner | William Carballo

Our History

William Carballo, chef/owner of Barcelona Tapas was born in Chicago, Illinois. He is the son of a Cuban immigrant father and an Irish-American mother. He started working at the age of 13 in the Southeast side of Chicago and became a workaholic at an early age. Being independent from an early age, working full-time and living on his own, enabled him to graduate from Carl Sandburg School with honors.

In 1987 chef William Carballo decided to travel to spain and study the language as well as the local cuisine and he was immediately enthralled by the tapas, a specialty of the country. After working with two Spanish chefs in Chicago, he decided to move to Puerto Vallarta in the year 2000 to open his successful restaurant, Barcelona Tapa.

In December of the same year, William converted the roof of his house and opened Barcelona Tapas, which consisted of 56 chairs, 14 tables, a stove with 6 burners, a small refrigerator and a freezer. He worked day and night, living in the restaurant.

He began his business with 2 employees and serving only 10-25 people per day. Today, Barcelona is one of the most respected dining establishments in Puerto Vallarta. It serves more than 40, 000 people per year. The food, the service and the facilities are constantly improving.

Our Flavor

Our kitchen is specialized in Spanish dishes, to which we give our own very particular style giving these sweet notes a homemade taste. Some of our dishes are cooked over an open wood fire, giving them this very characteristic touch. Our ingredients are selected in a special manner taking into account their freshness and quality.

Recent Upgrades to The Restaurant

Here we will have an introduction to the new upgrades that we have made to the Restaurant. We will talk about the Elevator, The new Reception, The Recent Remodelations to the View, the Brunch Area, the Lounge Area.